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One Week In

It’s been nearly a full week since I deleted my Facebook account. My thoughts so far? WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS BEFORE?

It’s been a week filled with so much beauty, creativity, and positivity. Something I’ve learned to value highly through the ups and downs of life is to surround yourself with positivity. Or, as Switchfoot puts it:

“Is this the world you want? Is this the world you want? You’re making it, every day you’re alive. You start to look like what you believe… What you say is your religion; How you say it’s your religion; Who you love is your religion; How you love is your religion; All your science, your religion; All your hatred, your religion; All your wars are your religion; Every breath is your religion, yea! Is this the world you want? Is this the world you want? You’re making it, every day you’re alive.”

It seems to me that Switchfoot has something helpful and good to say for every concept in life. For years I surrounded myself with the voices of negativity and with the feelings of failure and worthlessness that comes with addiction to screens and social media. It marred how I lived, how I loved, how I spoke, how I thought, even how I felt. My New Year’s Goal of 2017 was that I needed to start surrounding myself more and more with the good things in life, and honestly I had forgotten all about that until just now! At the beginning of the year my attempt to fulfill that consisted of candles, flowers on the table, and posting cards of my favorite quotes and sayings and verses around in my kitchen to look at while I work, and even just that made my heart happier. I had lost sight of that particular New Year’s resolution though, and it occurs to me now that I’ve unwittingly carried that resolution out through this project!

As I was saying, it’s been a wonderful week. Without having my time eaten up by the pointless pursuits of the internet, I’ve found that my days are far longer, with far more potential. Instead of putting off every errand, chore, or project till the last possible moment, it’s been myriads of happy busyness. The week began with some thoughts in my mind of a project of redoing our guest room. Up until now it’s been a workout/study/guest room containing a loft bed for the occasional guest; underneath it, a desk and a dresser of drawers for workspace and storage; and a workout tower for David. The closet in the guest room has been a tragic mess for quite sometime, and the storage part of that had overflowed into the study area under the loft bed, producing an untidy and chaotic scene. My goal was to transform it into a real guest room, suitable for putting real guests up in, while keeping some room available for David’s workouts. I did some preparatory errands during this week: utilizing all my coupons and rewards points at a few different places to obtain what I needed to put together a good looking, color coordinated guest room and bathroom, and cleaned out that closet. David and I worked for several hours today to take apart the massive loft bed, and get the room set up properly. The final result is just beautiful.

I think David saw a new side of me today. I was geeking out over the excitement of being able to decorate beautifully, and take a messy unkempt place where we didn’t like to be, and turn it into a soothing, warm, and comfy room. What I love about the day we had today, was that instead of quite literally wasting a day of our lives by instead living the lives of the characters on TV, was that we created. We worked, we sweated, and we created. We lived today to the fullest, by being and doing exactly what God created us to do: to be like Him! Our work today was a story of His work – taking something unlovely and useless, and redeeming it through His own hard work into something beautiful and worthy! Joy comes in many ways, but in my life, joy comes most in the creation of something beautiful. A little excursion to Bibles for China Thrift Store with a ton of loft bed hardware bungee corded down and sticking halfway out of my trunk turned into a fun and sunny adventure with my husband, enjoying the open windows, the fresh cool air, and the blue skies. (And a new all time low, driving down the road to the dumpster holding an old ratty twin mattress to the top of my car with our arms extended up out of the windows… but we don’t talk about that.)

So a week in and here’s what I’m thankful for: I’m thankful for more time to do fulfilling work and errands; I’m thankful for more time to relate to friends on a deeper level than a “like” on a post; I’m thankful for time to THINK: I’ve had a lot of thoughts and ideas and arguments brewing in my mind, and I’ve enjoyed the quiet luxury of focused thought. I’m thankful for beauty from ashes.

And now I’m excited to go to the House of the Lord in the morning and worship with the beautiful community that Jesus has been so kindly building around us.

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