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Pitman Chronicles

We’ve had a great couple months in the Pitman house. September seemed to drag by as if it in itself spanned the length of three months, not one. But as with all things it finally came to it’s close. October in the opposite manner sped by so quickly I barely got a chance to notice it. We enjoyed a brief visit from my parents who we hadn’t seen since our wedding. The Sunday afternoon they were here we had David’s parents and sisters over to join us and it was a fun time for the two sides of the family to continue getting to know each other. I made my Thai Curry (which I think I may have finally perfected) and a Thai salad that complimented it well and followed it up with Baklava and ice cream for dessert. That evening we went to John and Day Hodges’ house for their weekly Sunday night dinner & discussion group, where my dad answered the gathering’s questions about the environment and the ethics involved in environmentalism, which is his area of expertise. That morning we had gone to David’s and my church, Grace Community Church, and shared that experience with my parents who came away so blessed and encouraged by it, which I am grateful for. They left town that next Tuesday and October continued to speed by amidst all sorts of activities.

I’ve joined the choir at my church, directed by Philip Himbook who is an excellent musician and who has become along with his wife Rachel, some of David’s and my closest friends at that church. We’ve been able to enjoy a lot of fellowship with them and share a lot in common as couples. Choir practices every  Wednesday night and I’ve loved being part of that. It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in any choral work, and I enjoy being able to learn new and different great pieces of music and use it to encourage others, too. Last Sunday, the last Sunday in October several churches in the Memphis area came together to have a “Reformation” service on Sunday night to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the launch of the Reformation when Martin Luther nailed the 95 Thesis to the local Catholic church’s door. The choirs of some of these churches united and we learned some truly beautiful pieces, as well as some well known hymns. The service was beautiful. The organist, who is a long time friend of my family’s from South Florida, Samuel, was organizing everyone. Along with Organ, there was a group of brass players and an excellent Timpani player, which made for a majestic experience in the accompaniment of the choral singing. It was a joy to be part of that, and also to share it with David and his family. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that David’s family had ever experienced music like that, at least never in person. I hoped that they wouldn’t find it, as so many people do these days, old fashioned and snobbish. But they didn’t. They commented afterwards how they loved how the majesty of the music reflected the majesty of God. Considering that is the purpose of music like that, I’d say the service was a success.

It’s November now, and time is continuing to run on uncontrollably. We are excited about an upcoming move. We are leaving this beautiful little apartment that we’ve made into a cozy home and moving into a beautiful big house on a lovely property in Eads, TN, about 15 minutes east of where we are now. In fact we are going later today to take another look at the house before we move into it. We anticipate moving into the new house before our lease here expires here at the end of the month.

I’ve been investigating my crafty side lately with setting up some possible projects to do from Pinterest. I’m hoping to do one of those this week. If I do, I’ll post the results, whether good or bad! This weekend David is going on a men’s retreat with the men at our church, so that might be a good time to bring out the craft supplies and have his sisters join me too.

God has graciously given me my dream job – teaching piano. Since I can’t play as I used to, I began teaching a long time ago and it’s gotten better and better. I’ve never gotten bored or tired of it, and the hours are wonderful, (so is the pay, hahah!). Teaching occupies every afternoon for me, leaving the mornings and early afternoons to be at home, do housework, run errands, etc. The lifestyle I’ve been able to create is one that keeps me thriving. More so now, than ever, since I’ve left social media and have time to think and read and do creative things (much less also do the various tasks that once were procrastinated on).

Family is a wonderful thing. We’ve loved living so close to David’s family. We have weekly dinner there on Thursday evenings, and never get tired of their company. Mom (Stacey) always makes healthy, but d e l i c i o u s  food, and we always enjoy great conversation and fun as well. We’ll often follow dinner up with games, or a movie, or a show, or more chatting. This last Thursday night we played a board game together, everyone sitting on the floor. It made me think of the word “jolly.” We had a jolly time. It means all the world to me that we have a family here who we can engage with in real family time. Perhaps this isn’t true, but in my observation, a whole family just sitting around playing games with each other on any given week not is not a common thing these days. The Lord is good.

It’s Saturday morning now. We went to sleep late last night, taking advantage of an opportunity to sleep in. David is still sleeping. It’s cloudy and occasionally raining outside. We haven’t really seen the sun for over a week now I think. We’re definitely ready to see some sunshine here!

Our lazy Saturday morning tradition (lazy referring to the Saturday mornings when we don’t have anything else on our plates) is a big brunch of pancakes (or waffles, depends on the day), bacon, eggs, and a nice hot cup of JBrooks coffee. JBrooks coffee is the coffee that David roasts for a living, and his dad is co-owner of the company. It’s specialty premium grade coffee, and some of the best stuff out there. It definitely gets our Saturdays going on the right note.

On that note, I think I’ll go wake up my husband as it’s after noon now, and I’m hungry.

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