Something I believe in strongly is affirmation. Affirming the people who matter to you, the places you love, the things that help define you. Sometimes affirmation can provide a sense of closure, especially when it comes to goodbyes. These days emotions and attachments can scare people away, and sometimes even the act of affirming someone and telling them how much they mean to you can weird them out. I feel sad about that. I think the world would be a happier place if people would affirm each other more often, and also welcome affirmation when it comes to them.

I’m starting to say my goodbyes to this beautiful home of mine. David and I are moving from this home to a new house in about 3 weeks and I can’t believe how quickly it’s sneaking up on me! I realized a little while ago that it will be a difficult thing for me to pack up and move. I’m truly excited about the new living quarters, the money we’re going to save, the beautiful property it’s on, and this new phase of life, but I’m also truly sad to say goodbye to the cozy and happy place where we have spent the first year and a quarter of our marriage. Life is going to change significantly in the next few months for us, and I’m sure there will be moments of homesickness, missing this safe place we’ve created.

So I’m thinking of ways to commemorate and affirm this place I’ve called home. One thing I might do is take some photos of around the house from the last year and the seasonal changes reflected in the decorations and events and make a little “First Year” scrapbook or photo book to remember this lovely corner by. We might have one last get together of various friends for a game night or hangout night to share this home with the people we love for one last time.

Whatever we may choose to do I want to make sure to say a proper goodbye to this place that has meant so much to me. It may sound cheesy and way too sentimental, but I think sentimentality is important sometimes. Especially when you make transitions as big as a move to a different home and area, I think it’s important to take proper care of your mind and heart, and part of our minds and hearts is that we experience love for places and times-of-life. So without compromising the excitement and anticipation and joy I have for the present and the adventures of the future, I want to affirm and validate the love I have for this place, and the fact that I will miss it when we’re gone.


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