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I love food, but I also care deeply about health. I believe that the quality of the food you eat has everything to do with your health, whether it’s GI issues or weight issues or even fatigue, I believe that what you put in your body influences if not determines every physical aspect of your life. More on that some other time.

Meal planning is not something I’m particularly grand at yet, but I find that every time I do sit down and plan things out and shop accordingly, our food life is so much healthier and more enjoyable! My aim is for us to eat meat minimally, only a couple times a week (if that) and live mostly on vegetables and fruits. My husband and I have studied health and diet and the medical results from various food-lifestyles for a couple years now, and we’re strong believers in the work and study of Dr. Joel Fuhrman , who is a nutrition expert based not only on study, but also on experience. His book Fasting and Eating for Health is a really good read.

So we’ve been doing our best to eat in a way that will support life and health. BUT! I love food! And YUMMY food. So occasionally we’ll do meat, but always with plenty of vegetables. Tonight we’re having pot roast in a slow cooker. I got it into the slow cooker at 8:30 this morning and it’s going to cook on low till 6 tonight.

I started with a 4-5 lb chuck roast, then smeared half a teaspoon of olive oil on each side and covered each side with salt and pepper and crushed fresh garlic. I surrounded the roast with onions, and topped the roast with baby red potatoes, peeled carrots, and several Rosemary sprigs then topped with more salt and pepper and half a cup of water. So tonight is one of our special occasions where we include meat. It’s going to be fantastic!

In the meantime to work on my veggie and fruit in take I’ve been juicing my breakfasts. I really don’t enjoy eating fruits and veggies so much, so this is an excellent way for me to get those vitamins I need without feeling miserable about it.

Yesterday’s brunch was 1 cucumber, 1 pear, 2 apples, 2 inches of ginger root, 3 celery stalks, half a lemon, and a couple handfuls of a healthy greens mix that had kale, chard, and spinach. Today’s breakfast is 3 carrots, 2 apples, 1 pear, and some ginger. It’s delish! And I’ve got the vitamins I need to keep going today until I can enjoy some tender roast tonight.




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