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The Resurrection of Spring and the Promise of New Life

Hello again, wordpress. It’s been a month since I wrote last, and my, what a month.

In summary: we moved, I’ve been hit with both the stomach flu and the influenza flu, we’ve had numerous social engagements, a roadtrip, called the cops on a creep who was loitering on our property, had our refrigerator break beyond repair, had our propane run out which left us with no heat or stove or hot water for over 24 hours in below freezing weather, bought a new car, unpacked most of our boxes, ripped out a carpet, re-sealed the floors in the back house after thoroughly scrubbing the floors, walls, and ceilings with a vinegar solution to kill any leftover mold spores, and add to that the attempt (thanks flu) to celebrate Christmas. For being only 1 month, it’s been one of the longest and hardest months in either David’s or my memory. It’s been very cold outside (currently about 20 degrees right now), and adjusting to this new house has proved a challenge, to put it lightly. I think I can safely say that in many ways we both feel homesick for our old home. (Oh! and did I mention we’ve killed over 15 brown recluses in this new house? ugh) Yet we hold to the hope and knowledge that time is what will make this place feel truly like home. Time, and getting things fully unpacked and organized, but who knows when that will happen?!

Dead of winter is always the time that proves hardest for my patience. I’m a south Floridian through and through and the week after Christmas is nearly always the time when I begin to get an itch to feel the warm sunshine and see the wind in the green trees again. But I’ve got 3 more months before I can expect the appearance of spring. It’s a comforting thought, knowing that spring is coming. Just like the sun that rises without fail every morning, spring comes right around the end of March and the beginning of April, without fail, every year. Winter does have an odd beauty of it’s own though. The dusty brown branches, usually hidden by their veil of green leaves have their time to shine and inevitably if I allow them to capture my attention for more than a passing moment I am drawn to their silent beauty. I’m surrounded by the dusty brown trees this winter, in this new house. The whole front of the house is several hundred feet of woods between our house and the street, and the back of the house has a pond, some lovely yard space currently covered by dead leaves, and a tasteful selection of beautiful big trees here and there.

But there’s an added reason for both the difficulty of winter, and the hope of coming warmer weather. My husband and I are expecting our first child. We kept it a secret from all but family until Christmas day, when we made the big announcement to our friends. We are thrilled to be preparing and hoping for the day our little one arrives in July, but I will admit it’s been full of challenges as well. The cold dry weather along with my weakened immune system has left me open to some intense sickness that has had me in bed for the last week fighting fever and all that comes with it. The fatigue and nausea from early pregnancy has also been the reason why it’s taken us such a long time to get unpacked and organized. We’ve been here for nearly 4 full weeks now, and though we’ve made so much progress, there’s still much to do. David is still working full time, and when he comes home he has lots of maintenance work that he is occupied with on the house and property, and even before I got sick with the flu I was having to take it easier than I would have liked, due to the morning sickness and the fatigue. So unpacking boxes has had to wait for the convenient and healthy moments that pop up at unexpected moments.

But it is all so worth it. I’m beginning to see a little tiny roundness to my belly from my growing womb, and in just a few weeks we will get to find out if it is a girl or a boy! The anticipation and joy is surreal.

So on days like today when I feel a bit lonely in this big empty property, and things are unorganized and stressful, and the cold outside is seeping into my bones, it’s a joy to reflect on the coming of the resurrection of spring and colors and flowers and the lengthening days and the return of smiling warmth. But even more I get to look towards the coming of the promise of this new life growing inside of me, already so loved.

We did our best to celebrate Christmas this year, but having come down with a high fever 2 nights before, and still having the aches and chills, it was a very inconspicuous affair, involving about 20 minutes of present opening and reading the Christmas story, and unable to actually make Christmas dinner we were left to soup leftovers.  I am on the mend though, so I hope to make our Christmas dinner on New Years, instead. But, all told, what matters is that we are together, and we are happy. Life is hard, and 2017 has been quite the Series of Unfortunate Events in our life, but with all gratefulness to Christ, we know that our joy isn’t founded in the temporal circumstances but in the eternal spirit of love, joy, faithfulness, and hope in Him, and that we have to no end. So we ended our short Christmas break from work and life feeling thankful for each other, our Savior, and our little baby.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. May you all find your joy rooted in Jesus this holiday season, and this upcoming year, and so find that 2018 will be the most wonderful year yet.


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