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You Matter.

I liked this quote I just read by Nancy Wolgemuth:

“…But the goal of it all [service towards others based from a heart of kindness, not just a checklist of chores] is to show others the goodness of Christ – on a practical, personal, you-matter-to-me basis.”

Service and kindness for the sake of the concept of service and kindness falls terribly short of the call of Christ in a Christian’s life. A Christian who serves should be a Christian who shows the one they’re acting with kind service towards that THEY INDIVIDUALLY UNIQUELY MATTER to them. Because we individually, uniquely matter to Jesus.

Do we show kindness, hospitality, generosity, (fill in the blank) because that’s what we’re supposed to do? Leaving it at that leaves it in legalism. We should let our kindness, hospitality, generosity (fill in the blank) be fueled by a genuine YOU REALLY MATTER kind of love for the ones we’re relating to.

Jesus would have never died on the cross if it was just to check off a box and do what He was supposed to do. He died on the cross because YOU REALLY MATTER.

This is an area I long to grow in. I want my home to be a place where anyone (my children, our couple friends, the single college kid who needs community, family members, my couple friend’s kids, etc) can enter through the front door to find out that they individually and uniquely matter to me, and that their hearts, their personalities, their needs are safe in my home.

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