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Breakfast: Apple Supreme

This was a recipe I started with in experimenting with new breakfast options for my gluten-allergic vegan husband. It turned out wonderfully, although I'd tweak a couple things: I'd add more of the almond/soy milk, and I'd bake it twice as long for softer apples. But you do you, and the recipe the way it's… Continue reading Breakfast: Apple Supreme

Family Life

“Yum Yum” Vegetable Thai Curry

This is a recipe I have developed over the last year or two. It's taken me so long to develop this recipe because I'm a fly by the seat of my pants type cook. I don't follow recipes, I don't write things down, I just throw things together and guess, taste, guess, add, taste, etc… Continue reading “Yum Yum” Vegetable Thai Curry

Family Life

Paleo Friendly Italian Style Stir-Fry

As I've said before, cooking for David now that he has so many dietary restrictions has not been easy. Some days I feel like pulling my hair out for ideas, and other days it just sort of happens. Here was a success that lasted for 2 lunches for him: Prep time: 30 minutes 3 large… Continue reading Paleo Friendly Italian Style Stir-Fry

Family Life

In Sickness and in Health (aka wholistic alternative medicine is where it’s at)

My husband is ill. Quite ill. In fact sometimes I think I feel a little proud of how ill he has managed to be, for his seemingly healthy and young state. Is that too messed up? For years and years he has struggled with physical and mental fatigue and fog, struggling to get enough energy… Continue reading In Sickness and in Health (aka wholistic alternative medicine is where it’s at)

Family Life

Things about Foods

I love food, but I also care deeply about health. I believe that the quality of the food you eat has everything to do with your health, whether it's GI issues or weight issues or even fatigue, I believe that what you put in your body influences if not determines every physical aspect of your… Continue reading Things about Foods