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Discovering a New Normal

It's about time. I feel as though I've been in limbo for the past 10 months before Aurora was born. 10 months before her birthday, in October of 2017, my husband and I had a normal routine in our lovely apartment and life was predictable. Then we decided to move, and at the same time… Continue reading Discovering a New Normal

Family Life

New Year, New Era, all the Organization

I tend to think of my past life in eras. The high school era, the CWS era, the CFA era, the Harbortown era, etc. Well I am beginning a new era. David and I have been married nearly a year and a half, we're expecting a baby, and we no longer live in the home… Continue reading New Year, New Era, all the Organization

Family Life

Things about Foods

I love food, but I also care deeply about health. I believe that the quality of the food you eat has everything to do with your health, whether it's GI issues or weight issues or even fatigue, I believe that what you put in your body influences if not determines every physical aspect of your… Continue reading Things about Foods